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Proper drainage can significantly increase a property’s safety and appearance as well as affects the lifespan of your driveway and parking space. It also solves the constant problem of rainwater or snow melting towards the basement. 


Pro Drains is your friendly Pennsylvania drain installation company. We are experienced and can work with heavy clay, sandy, or a combination of all types of soils. 

  • Licensed drain installers in Western PA.
  • Seasoned contractors.
  • Effective drain system solutions.


We can improve your property by creating proper drainage. The drain system will be your barrier from excess water. Get in touch with us today!

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Wet Basement and Drain System Problems in the Pittsburgh Metro?

If you are living in Western Pennsylvania, you are probably aware of just how much it rains in the Pittsburgh area. That is why having an effective drain system in place is important, and because of the soil composition and other factors, having a proper drain system is needed to keep the driveway and lawns from flooding.

Yes, water is essential to all of us, however, it can be a nightmare when it causes a great deal of damage. Pooling is a drainage problem that creates a nuisance, especially in the basement. Puddles that get bigger over time turn into a swamp and destroy the landscaping.

The usual culprits for wet basements include downspout issues, soggy areas of the yard, and an inadequate drainage system. Water in the basement can cause moisture and mold that can cause even more home problems. After a while, the recurring issues due to the improper drainage system will be much worse. 

In the end, you will have worsening concerns as a homeowner.

Poor drainage is a problem that a Pittsburgh drainage system company can help resolve. Pro Drains has various solutions to your drainage problems — contact us if you want to solve issues of rainwater and surface water in your yard. 

Drain Services in Pittsburgh

Dealing with a wet or flooded basement is frustrating. The issues will only get bigger and more expensive if installing a drain system is put off, but with the help of Pro Drains and our drain services, you will be safer and more comfortable in your home.

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French Drain Installation

The French drain is a popular tried-and-tested method of diverting water away from your property which involves buried gravel and pipes. The accumulation of water is seeped into the ground and will flow through the gravel and into the pipes. The French drain will then direct the water to the public sewers.

Channel or Trench Drain Installation

Unlike the French drain, this type of drain system is on the surface. It has an elongated, grated covering meant to remove the excess water on the surface to prevent puddling and soil erosion. The channel or trench drain is also connected to a local waterway.

Dry Wells Installation

The dry well system is used to also remove surface water and is an underground hole that is filled with flow wells, rubble, or gravel that will help dispose of the accumulated water. Pro Drains offers single or multiple flows well installation.

Hauling Service

Pro Drains works with other experienced specialists and truck drivers. Whether you need a hauling service for site clearing or need to deliver landscaping and drain system materials, we’ve got you covered. We use heavy equipment for moving tons of topsoil, mulch, shell, and stones.

Not all drain installation or drainage repair solutions will work for every situation. But not to worry, as Pro Drains is here to help. Look to us for your drain installation or drain repair needs. We can also assist you in lot clearing to ensure your property is ready for work.


Let Pro Drains help maintain the safety and curb appeal of your Western PA home. We will make sure of a seamless transaction and hones drain installation cost. Call our drain specialists now!

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Work With the Best Drain Installers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pro Drains has been serving Western PA with high-quality drain installation services for years. Known to communities as an honest service provider, our specialists will not let you down. Our local drainage contractors are determined to give exceptional workmanship. 

  • Prompt response to your drain service questions.
  • Completes drain installation or repair on schedule.
  • Fair drain service estimate.
  • Quality and personalized drain system solutions.

Schedule a free assessment with Pro Drains for your Pittsburgh area property today, and let our landscape experts recommend the best drainage solution for your home.

Our Pittsburgh, PA Drain System Installation and Maintenance Process

  • Inspection. An assessment of the area is important before our landscape contractors start digging the site. We will check what is underneath using a pipe and cable locator and locate the gas, water, and sewer lines. Our team will also determine where the electric and phone lines are routed.


  • Mark utility lines. Once we have located the utility lines, we will mark their position and directions to avoid hitting them during the installation process.


  • Drain installation. It is our goal to ensure everything is in compliance with the federal and Pennsylvania standards as our drain contractors perform efficient and effective methods of drain installation.


Properly installing a drain requires the expertise and skill of professionals. Pro Drains has a team of skilled landscape contractors and drainage specialists. Our process for installing a drain will ensure that you keep the curb appeal of your property. 


Contact Pro Drains to get more information about our drainage services or schedule an assessment with our specialists.

Quality Workmanship You Deserve

Want to have a high-quality drain system minus all the stress and hassles? Leave the job to us! We will ensure to perform the best drain installation practices.

Pro Drains promises top-notch workmanship and high-quality results to provide the best drain system services in Western PA.  

Get in touch with our drain and landscape specialists today to request a drain installation estimate.

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