Pro Drains is a drain installation company proudly operating in Pittsburgh, PA ready to solve your drainage problems. Our company is founded with the principle of providing an honest service to Pennsylvania communities and our commitment to performing quality workmanship put us on top of the game.


Through our extensive experience, we have seen how giving unparalleled services should be prioritized. Customers are looking for quality results and unmatched customer support. At Pro Drains, we love helping homeowners resolve their drain system problems. 


If you want exemplary service, contact Pro Drains. It is easy to book our on-demand drain installation services or receive a free drainage installation estimate!

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About Us

Using the Newest Technology and Best Landscape Contractors in Western PA

What makes Pro Drains your best option when installing a drain on your property?

  • Reliable professional Western PA drain installers and landscape contractors.
  • Customized drainage solutions for your unique needs.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Pro Drains operates throughout Western PA. We are committed to outstanding customer service. Our vision is to create and deliver the best drainage solutions to our customers. And with that, it is our mission to exceed all client expectations. 


We put the safety of our clients above everything by observing Pennsylvania restrictions on drainage systems. 


Rooted in honest services, we will assess the right solutions for your drainage issues. Our drain installation costs are fair and based on industry standards.


Pro Drains believes that commitment and innovation can create outstanding results. Our strategies for installing a drain and maintaining the beauty of properties are based on our extensive experience. 


Drain installation is not just a job for us. From the beginning, we have conducted our services to the best of our abilities. We face challenges with the determination to make a difference.  

Standing water in the yard is an inconvenience no property owner should be stuck with, but with our drainage installation, you can say goodbye to stagnant water deteriorating your property.

A Good Drainage System Makes a Home Better

A good and beautiful home is not only defined by the color of the house, its decor, or its landscape. Elements hidden from the eyes sometimes make a home better and more functional — a drain system is a crucial part of a home that keeps occupants safe.

Pro Drains

Just think about the swamps and excess water you are dealing with right now. The standing water quickly deteriorates your property, and aside from significantly decreasing your property’s curb appeal, they attract pests and insects too.


It is imperative to have a drain system to keep water away from your home. Without it,  you will experience foundation problems such as wet basements due to water seepage and soil erosion. 


Save your property from excess water and save yourself from frustrations. Whether you need a French drain, channel drain, or dry wells, you can trust us with quality workmanship! Pro Drains can install all kinds of drainage systems that will help control greywater.


Contact Pro Drains now to get the full details of our services.

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Choose Quality Results Over Anything

There are many reasons to choose Pro Drains and our quality drainage installation services.


  • Fair drain installation pricing.
  • Convenient appointment time.
  • High-quality results guaranteed with exceptional customer service.
  • Skilled landscape contractors and drainage specialists.
  • Licensed to operate and perform drainage services.


Have a drainage problem in Western PA? Call Pro Drains today!

Why allow standing water to cause expensive problems when you have professional Western PA drain installers near you? Our landscape contractors and drainage specialists are ready to help eliminate your problems!

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