French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation in Pittsburgh


Rainwater and moisture can contribute to the deterioration of your property leading to bigger and more expensive problems that will arise without an effective drainage solution. Pro Drains will help you avoid this by diverting the water away from your property.


Pro Drains have been in the drain installation business for several years. We have the right experience and skills to leave you satisfied and worry-free.


  • Reputable and well-known Western PA drain installation company.
  • Seasoned landscape contractors and drain installers.
  • Professional drain services.
  • Fair French drain installation cost.


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Pittsburgh, PA French Drain Installation Services

A proper drainage system provides a solution to water accumulation on your property. With a drain system in place, water will flow naturally from your yard. A french drain is a particularly effective type of drainage consisting of pipes and gravel. 


Pro Drains offers drainage services including French drain installation. Our process for installing a drain involves:


  • Determining where the excess water is pooling in your property.
  • Discussing with the homeowner where they want to direct the water.
  • Making sure that the puddling of water is not due to roof leaks or burst pipes that need repair.
  • Recommending the best positioning for the French drain and, if possible, diverting water to the sewer.
  • Using markings or flags to identify the direction of the French drains. There will also be markings for utility lines like phone, electric, and gas to avoid disrupting them.
  • Ensuring the trenches for the French drain are deep and wide enough. The path should be able to keep the perforated pipes intact.


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French Drain Installation Experts in Western PA

Pro Drains consists of expert landscape contractors and drain specialists providing a full-service drain installation company in Pennsylvania. Our team has been helping homeowners have safer and more appealing homes by installing a drain system.

French Drain Installation

Having a drainage system is important to prevent your home from deteriorating fast. Proper drainage will alleviate your worries about possible flooding during a storm or when there is water damage. Installing a drain is vital, especially for homes in Western PA where there is always rain.


We understand how important it is to have a French drainage installation. If you want to eliminate your worries, trust Pro Drains. We will put in the work needed to effectively install a French Drain in your home.


Our goal as trusted drain installers is to deliver value to our Western PA customers. We believe in consistent and high-quality work. We will offer only the best solutions to your drainage problems. Our landscape contractors and drainage specialists will deliver a top-notch performance.

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