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Do you need an in-ground drain solution for your property? Pro Drains can help install a channel or trench drain in your home.


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If you are having problems with keeping excess water away from your property, then there’s a few options. Yard grading might be a solution, but its costly and that’s why we suggest a trench or channel drain as the solution you need. Having an exterior drainage system installed at your property is great way to divert runoff water and puddling from your Pittsburgh metro property. Call us for more information.

Trench Drain Installation Services for Homeowners in Pittsburgh

The trench drain, also known as channel drain or slotted drain, is a type that is commonly used in outdoor areas. They are often installed on driveways, parking spaces, or pool areas and consist of elongated and grated covering.

Our trench drain installation involves:

Planning and excavating.

We will assess the entire location and the specific area where the drain will be installed to ensure that the structure of the channel drain is in compliance with sanitary and safety standards.

Laying out the channels

A channel drain is responsible for collecting the water. The trench drains can be lightweight or heavy-duty, depending on where they will be installed and how much water they will carry. 


Using a silicone sealant, our professional drainage contractors will lay and connect all the channels and fittings. The end of the trench drain can be connected to a public sewer, or we can just do the “Daylight” method in which the pipe is exposed.

Securing the trench drains

After our landscape contractors have excavated and put the channels in place, we will ensure the trenches are secured by covering the pipes with topsoil and ensuring they are intact.

You need a professional Pittsburgh drain installation company to ensure your trench drain is working properly. For an honest and affordable channel drain installation, contact Pro Drain to talk with the experts who are ready to work on your property!

Channel or Trench Drain Installation

Maintain a Clean and Safe Home With a Western PA Channel Drain

Water concentration due to heavy rain can cause soil erosion. Not only that, it attracts insects, which can easily become a hazard. A channel drain will enable the stormwater to run through the pipes and away from your property so that there are no huge puddles on your driveway.


A proper drain line is a critical factor in ensuring your home will not be flooded, especially during a thunderstorm. At Pro Drains, we will ensure your drainage system will protect you and your home.


We always consider the following during trench drain installation include:


  • Load capacity.
  • Slope and flow rate.
  • Managing obstacles and debris.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • The overall appearance of the final product.


No one likes standing water because they encourage the growth of bacteria and germs as well as provides an environment for algae, insects, and pests to grow and multiply faster. Pro Drains is a reliable channel drain installation company that follows laws and regulations to help keep you and the general public safe and healthy.

Set Your Trench Drain Installation Today

When it comes to drain systems for your outdoor area, the trench drain is an excellent choice. For a professional drain installation in Western PA, contact Pro Drains now.

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