Dry Well Installation

Dry Well Installation in Western PA

Need a Western PA drainage installation company that can install a dry well on your property? Pro Drains is a full-service company offering affordable and top-notch drain installation services. We can install all kinds of drainage systems including dry wells!


  • Premiere and licensed dry well installation company in Western PA.
  • Stellar drainage installation services and results.
  • Seasoned and skilled drain installers.


If you’re having trouble keeping your outdoor area clean and puddle-free, Pro Drains have the right drainage solutions for your needs.

Dry Well Installation Services for Western PA Homeowners

Pro Drains is a professional dry well installation company in Western PA comprising landscape contractors and drainage experts. We have conducted our services on myriad residential properties in Pennsylvania, and our work involves:


  • Planning the approach to the installation to avoid mistakes and challenges.
  • Assessment of the land area where the dry well will be buried.
  • Checking the location for utility lines that may be in the way.
  • Doing precautionary checks before excavating your backyard.
  • Installing dry well and connecting all perforated pipelines.
  • Performing post-clean-up activities to bring your property to its original state.


But, why should you consider our Western PA dry well services?


We will not leave your property without a properly functioning dry well so that we can ensure that Pro Drains provides you with the best drainage services.


Our landscape contractors and drainage specialists are professionally trained to perform the best installation practices. There is no need to worry about dealing with drainage problems anymore!


  • Professional and honest drainage installation services in Western PA.
  • Knowledgeable of the best drain installation practices while adhering to safety and sanitary laws to avoid accidents and risking other hazards.


Our team at Pro Drains is here to carefully plan and design the drainage route in your home using only high-quality equipment and materials!


If you still need to know more about Pro Drains and the work we do, our friendly specialists will be happy to answer your questions over the phone and offer a dry well installation estimate.

What Is a Dry Well Drainage System and Its Application for Your Western PA Home

A dry well or soak pit is a kind of drainage system that comprises a dry well kit, pipes, and gravel. Its primary purpose is to control excess water that may build up around your home and then let it travel and disperse underground.


Dry wells are similar to water wells. They are buried underground and serve as a holding tank for rain, shower, or laundry water. Since the kit is buried, it does not cause an eyesore, thus retaining the beauty of your backyard. The water collected will naturally disperse as the rain stops and the ground around it starts to dry up.  


Dry wells are usually connected to:


  • Outdoor showers.
  • Spa or Jacuzzi.
  • Kitchen sink.
  • Bathroom lavatory.
  • Roofs / gutters.


Today, some dry well systems are built with a form of pretreatment involving a system to filter oil, contaminants, and particles to avoid clogging.

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The perfect thing about the dry well drain system is that it reduces the adverse effects of rain and wastewater on the environment. With a dry well drain in your home, you are not only protecting your family but the public as well.

Are you searching for a solution to your drainage problem? Contact Pro Drains today for the complete details of our dry well installation.

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