Sump Basin Installation and Service in Western PA

A sump basin is equipment that can rapidly remove excess amount of water and move it to a sewer and is a crucial solution for any issues with basement flooding. 


Pro Drains is a professional drainage company based in Western PA. Our services include installing and maintaining sump basins in residential properties. Call us for details and cost estimates today!

What Is a Sump Basin and How It Works

You are looking into sump basin installation or repair which means you have an idea of what it is, but what is it really? A sump basin, also known as a sump pit, is a piece of equipment that collects water With the purpose of preventing flooding in the crawlspace or basement.

A sump pump basin is a system that comprises a huge bucket placed in a pit of gravel. The system is installed under the basement and connected to perforated pipes. with a sump pump that, made of strong polyethylene, moves the water collected in the bucket into the pipes and away from the basement. The pipes are often connected to a sewer or stream. It is a great waterproofing solution since it moves water away from the home.

There are two kinds of sump pump basin systems available to Western PA homeowners.


  • Submersible sump pump. This device is submerged underwater. The submersible is the most commonly used device compared to the other type.
  • Pedestal pump. This pump motor is installed above the ground. The motor is standalone, hence will not be damaged by water.  


The sump basin is a great system of defense for making sure water does not accumulate in the basement. If you want to know more about this equipment, call Pro Drain. One of our friendly specialists will be happy to answer your inquiries.

Western PA Sump Basin Installation and Replacement

At Pro Drains, we have extensive experience in installing sump basins and replacing damaged systems in Western PA.


  • Sump basin installation.
  • Repair and maintenance of broken sump basin.
  • Replacement of old sump basin and other components like sump pump battery.


When installing a sump pump basin, you can expect our contractors to perform quality work. Pro Drains consists of seasoned pros who are willing and ready for all kinds of drainage installation in Western PA. Our sump pump installers are honest and follow a process to can ensure the sump basin system is installed correctly.


  • We will check the unit.
  • Assess the area prior to the installation process.
  • Prepare the basement or outdoor area.
  • Make sure there is no backflow.


Installing a sump basin is time and labor-intensive, but you can be assured that we perform our work to regulatory standards. Call Pro Drains now and let our friendly and professional sump basin contractors get the job done for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Sump Basin In Western PA


Are you looking for a sump basin installation in or near Western PA? Or searching for a sump pump installation near you? Wondering how much sump pump replacement, repair, or installation costs? Here is what you should know:


  • Sump pump installation costs depend on the type of system being installed. On average, a sump basin installation and labor cost estimate is between $1000 – $4000.
  • You can expect to shell out between $400 to $1000 for replacing an old sump basin system.
  • Other factors that add to the expenses include extra features or units. That includes the installation of fail-safe features. Sump pump battery backups are usually recommended for submersible sump pumps.
  • The complexity of the basement and the flooring preparation required will also increase the cost estimate. Thicker basement concrete flooring is more labor-intensive, which may lead to higher sump basin installation costs.
  • Sometimes, pre-existing water buildup may also add to your total expenses. The contractors might need to dry the basement, a process that is often time-intensive and costly.


Although components are fairly affordable, installing a sump basin system can be costly. This is especially true when taking into consideration the unit and installation fees. Nevertheless, installing a sump basin will ultimately help you avoid unnecessary hassles.

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